Aryanish Patel is the founder of House of Aryanish LLP – dealing in Perfume Oils which combines her training, her own personal experience and her zeal to make a positive contribution to the world. Her love affair with fragrance which began at a tender age when her father introduced her to a trolley of fragrances at their soap factory in Rajkot, Gujarat. She is now armed with over four decades of indepth experience in blending fragrances and perfecting perfume alchemy alongside a profound knowledge of ancient Ayurveda. Being a celebrated perfume alchemist, Aryanish has made a foray into the fast-growing luxury wellness industry with her concept of blending Ayurveda properties with perfumes. She creates her own proprietary formulas. She does not outsource or purchase formulas from labs, generics or shortcuts. Each bottle of Aryanish WOW is hand crafted and lovingly filled for ultimate freshness and effectiveness.

She is regularly honored on various international education platforms and has also made her presence felt in the global media including the Economist Innovation Summit and many more. Spearheaded by the charming yet astute Aryanish Patel’s company – House of Aryanish LLP has a division in the luxury and lifestyle industry and is well renowned by Art and Antique collectors across the world.

All her solutions are backed by intensive study. She has pursued her passion of working and researching different health, and wellness modules, she has managed to create her own method which resulted in having a huge offering of correcting Neuro pathways. She went on to pursue research in the fields of classical Indian music and belief restructuring through neural pathways. She has designed her very own Music Therapy tracks for sleep, relaxation, chakra activation, clarity and lullaby after studying the ancient ragas and history of music in depth. She is a teacher in Bach Flower Remedies and has written a chapter in the book "Holistic Wellness In The NewAge” a Best Seller on amazon. She is also coming up with new books catering to different aspects of wellness. Aryanish has been interviewed and featured in numerous journals and magazines, also by The Flower Essence Society of America as she was been noticed for the profound knowledge and work to help the children cope with learning differences. She has a number of life changing innovations to her credit, currently holding four patents in the field of correcting neurological impairments.

Formulated for powerful results and paralleled pleasures, Aryanish WOW is an overall luxury wellness collection handcrafted in Aryanish’s private atelier. Her indulgent concoctions, all crafted from natural and therapeutic ingredients chosen to deliver meticulous results, will inspire you to take your self-care ritual to new heights. Her focus is now to reach out to a wider audience and provide innovative solutions on a global scale for overall wellness.

This is her journey shared and her dreams actualised and her passion blended in the bottle you take home.